We welcome you to Orlando's first Boteco!

Botecos serving as a community center also attracted journalists, writers, artists, and students. Masterpieces of Brazilian culture including, samba, political movements, and soccer federations were created on the counters and tables of neighborhood botecos.

 That cold beer you crave for at the end of the day, our famous Brazilian "Caipirinha," and our fantastic Brazilian pastries are waiting for you.


If you're missing Brazilian food, you found the right place to eat. Enjoy the unique experience by savoring delicious Brazilian dishes and toasting with your friends!

The term "Boteco" originates from the Portuguese word "Botica" and the Spanish word "Bodega"; both words come from the Greek word for warehouse - "apothéke." “BOTECO” originated in Rio de Janeiro at the beginning of the 19th century. 


 In Brazil, a "boteco" is a hang out spot for night-life lovers. When you go to a "boteco" you are essentially looking for a very cold beer, mouth-watering appetizers, a pleasant atmosphere, and, of course, a moment of relaxation with family and friends. "Botecos" are not exclusive to Brazil, and they certainly go well with the tropical climate of Orlando Florida.

Are you ready for the ultimate "Boteco" experience? You will get hooked, we promise...


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